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According to the US Census Bureau, more than 51 million Americans are currently aged 65 or older, and the number is steadily increasing. While medical and technological advancements are allowing seniors to live longer and better lives than ever before. The expanding needs of the US aging population are contributing to an increase in federal government senior assistance programs complexity and availability. Every senior has a unique set of circumstances that set parameters to navigate a successful aging plan, and the best way to determine what your plan should be is to retain the counsel of an elder law attorney.

What Is An Elder Law Attorney?

An elder law attorney is an attorney who focuses on the legal needs of seniors, Veterans, and adults with special needs. Elder law is a specialization that has only been around for about twenty-five years and was born out of necessity. With life expectancy increasing, people are dealing with rising health care costs and an increase in debilitating diseases like dementia, among other issues that affect aging members of our society.

How Can An Elder Law Attorney Help Me?

Elder law attorneys can facilitate the establishment of a medical power of attorney, advanced health care directives, or aid in the selection process of the right long-term care facility while assisting with structuring the financial resources that cover the cost of that care. Those resources may include maintaining eligibility for Medicaid or Veterans’ benefits while protecting the senior’s assets for themselves and their legacy.

Elder law attorneys also help Veterans obtain the benefits entitled to Veterans and/or their spouses. They fight for the Veteran and help guide them on available benefits. The elder law attorney can also help Veterans, elders, and special needs people and their families to fight abuse and fraud. All of these groups are targets for scams and elders and adults with special needs at times find themselves in situations where they are abused or exploited. It is important for the clients and their families to know they can turn to an elder law attorney for help in finding justice in these situations.

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